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Anneke Dresselhuis


Anneke Dresselhuis is a third year BFA+MM student currently living and working on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territories of the Qayqayt people. Pursuing studies in Visual Art, Economics and Commerce, her multimedia practice is concerned with the complex metanarratives of contemporary art, technology and neoliberal capitalism. She is fascinated by knowledge as a space in and of itself, and by the ways in which new spaces of knowledge can be created through interdisciplinary and multi-modal knowledge paradigms.

1987 - Untitled (You've got Money to Bur

1987 - Untitled (You've got Money to Burn), 2020

digital work, 855 x 596px

Anneke Dresselhuis uses Microsoft Excel to create gridded backgrounds for her Untitled Series. 1987 – Untitled (You’ve got Money to Burn) tackles the drifts of neoliberal capitalism. The spreadsheet software works as a technological signifier of economic expansion and money related professions. Topically, Excel and the rising democratization of technology emerged coincidently. Such phenomenon ushered in new perceptual frameworks, orders of human labour and terms of reality. With obvious reference to the work of Barbara Krueger, 1987 constructs a fictional and appropriated narrative and defines art’s own point of origin as a tradition submissive to economic notions of labour and capital. 

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