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Poster Project

Summer 2020 (Quarantine)

curated by Reiko Inouye 


   In collaboration with student illustrators, we have launched a colouring poster series to highlight the work of artists during quarantine. 

   Colouring books are often a location for adolescent learning, meditation, and creative release.

   By showcasing individuals/collectives who are responding and processing their quarantine experiences through their work, we hope these pieces act as a multi-functional educational tool for those who engage with them. 

   We invite you to participate despite isolation, and download, print, colour, poster, circulate, and converse as we collectively practice meditation, un/learning, and listening during this time. 

   We hope to provide a platform to engage in productive conversations whilst not drawing away from the important work being done at this time against systemic racism and police brutality towards QTBIPOC communities that art institutions such as ourselves have been historically complicit in. 

   Please continue to donate, share resources, protest, and take action in ways you are capable of.

   We acknowledge the labor that must continue, and our own history of exclusion as an art institution that we must consciously dismantle through the artists we represent, the space we provide, and the voices we uplift. 

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