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 A Juxtaposition of Geometric Art and Abstract Expressionism

A commentary on art going beyond artistic constraints, embracing abstraction expressionism and geometric art. Abstract art embraces freedom and expression. This exhibition offers a variety of art pieces that fall under the term abstraction expressionism and geometric abstraction. Abstract expressionism adopts emotion within its works. These works are able to show artistic freedom within their moods and movement. Geometric art is a reaction against abstract expressionism. Geometric abstraction adopts geometric forms. This exhibition allows audiences to see the two genres juxtapose within the same setting

List of paintings in the exhibition:

       Ian Wallace - Remote, 1967

       Michael Morris - Untitled, Multiple 1967/68

       Marianne Schmidt - The Pregnant Bride 1984

       Lawren Harris - Northern Image 1952

       Lawren Harris - Mountain Spirit 1945

       Dennis Burton - Radiation Crop 1957/58

       Harold Town - Furnace of Cagliostro 1957/58

       Brian Fisher - Fission 1965

       Robert Varvarande - Nature Morte en Verte, 1961

       Graham Coughtry - Portrait No. 8, 1959

       Albert Dumouchel - Le Violin de Paganini, 1964

       Donald Jarvis - Blue Core, 1964

       Jack Shadbolt - Mosaic for Autumn, 1957

       William Ronald - Sun, 1963

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