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David Ezra Wang


David Ezra Wang is an emerging artist and writer born on Lenape land (New Jersey) and raised on Ketagalan land (Taipei). Wang’s practice is a process to befriend mediums of the body, language, and his relationships. He is working on morning prayer. He is thankful for his friends.


at the end of the road is a building, 2020

video, drawing, and poem

these days spending time with my shadow

 he is my friend he knows where i’ve been and where I will be at the end of his time here


in his room he was the 路沖 with bad 風水

 like the knife pointing towards to the home how could you blame him?

 he stretched out

​and accepted himself as the building


 I have come a long way

 I tried my best

 I was alone but

​I didn’t do it on west mall and agronomy 


I am now safe and ok

​I became the end of the road when I arrived to it

​I grew tall as a shadow of the future days to come are dark and hopeful

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