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Recent Exhibitions

2020-2021 Exhibitions


The Permanent Collection Show?

March  15 - March 24, 2021

‘The Permanent Collection Show?’ plays with history. It is an online narrative that presents a fictionalized rendition of the history of the Hatch Art Gallery - and the accompanying AMS Permanent Collection - through re-enactment, engagement, satire, game, and jest. In curating this project, we began to understand that there are as many histories as there are art historians. Presented to you is one way to view these histories that have been constructed by a multitude of voices, perspectives, personal accounts, and grave assumptions. 

zine insta.png

STILL BREATHING: a community zine

collated by the AMS SASC

Feb - March, 2021

2021 marks the third annual SASC x Hatch Art Gallery collaboration, with this year’s community art exhibition taking zine format. Over the month of February, the SASC invited submissions of artwork, poetry, and mixed media reflecting on our theme “Still Breathing.”



curated by UBC Visual Arts Student Association (VASA)

Jan 18- Jan 29, 2021

For the purposes of this exhibition, the VASA team had the idea to reconstruct the Hatch Art Gallery fully within a virtual reality simulator. Therefore, physical artworks were scanned, or photographed and placed into the constructed reality as mere copies of their originals...

BSU Insta graphic.jpg


in collaboration with the Hatch Gallery

Nov 6- Nov 14, 2020

A collaborative online art show with UBCBSU to highlight and present Black artists based in and around Vancouver on our Instagram , @ubcbsu and our Facebook.

We hope to showcase this work as a much needed reminder and celebration of the resiliency and beauty of Black artists, creators and organizers.

Feasting Fools Graphic.jpg

Feasting Fools at the Foot of the Mountain

Oct 19-Oct 31, 2020

Feasting Fools at the Foot of the Mountain is a route to explore the absurd, the unreasoned, and the sideways approaches to human life...

And So They Print

Sept 14-Sept 30, 2020

And So They Print came out of an impulse to research, interpret, understand and fold the roles, impacts, and innovations of women printmakers.

2019-20 Exhibitions

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The Works of the AMS Art Collection (yes, all of them)

March 23 - April 8, 2020*

Curated by Yasmine Whaley-Kalaora.

Secret Burdens: Response to Jennifer Dickson’s Dream of the Captive in Red (1977) 

by Jelena Markovic

April 2020

A response piece by Jelena Markovic.


A Necessary Tension (2020)
by Chipo Chipaziwa

April 10, 2020

As a response to Art McKay’s Tension (1961), I will perform physical distancing from my phone, which has recently been serving as the link between me and the ones I love.

Intellectual Hygiene
by Sai Di

March, 2020

This video piece emerged from a tour of the AMS Art Collection, then developed over a period of on-going dialogue with the Hatch Art Gallery’s Assistant Director - Yasmine Whaley-Kalaora.

DEVIANT Tyler Homan Video loop (2:30 mins)


February 27 - March 22, 2020

As a new initiative, we will be using the digital monitor in front of the Hatch Art Gallery to showcase digital and video-based work by UBC students and alum.

Together: Communities of Healing

February 24 - March 12, 2020

In collaboration with the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre.​

Together: Communities of Healing marks a step toward communities that nurture, care, and empowerment.

100s Day

January 28 - February 14, 2020

Much like exhibition making itself, the tradition of 100s Day is predicated on using materials to bring clarity to the obscure.
The exhibition 100s Day brings together collections of 100 by 9 artists.

Quick! a last show before i go off my ro

Quick! a last show before I go off my rocker.

January 9 - 23, 2020

Quick! A last show before I go off my rocker. explores the blurred lines between the ends of all things with the new beginnings. It touches upon the themes of sex, death, the body, value, and time. 

Reception: Tuesday January 14, 6 – 9 PM

Canned Foreign

Canned Foreign

November 15 – December 3, 2019

Canned Foreign is a multimedia exhibition that features the work of four half-Japanese artists, responding to themes of identity, diaspora, queerness, and cultural heritage through their own subjective experiences. 

Reception: Monday December 2, 6 – 9PM

Archive collection in Ucluelet, 2018. Courtesy of Carly Butler.

The S Project

October 15 – November 7, 2019

’S’ is a project about transatlantic communication and virtual journeying between two artists who have never met in person.

Reception: November 7th, 6 – 8PM

How to Unroll a Baxter&?

How To Unroll a Baxter&?

September 30 – October 4, 2019

How To Unroll a Baxter&? presents a way of working through a few key questions: What does it mean to engage a collection that has been prioritized for its monetary value rather than its pedagogical potential? How can a collection that is highly hegemonic be activated in a healing way?

Gloves Off


September 3 - 19, 2019

14 of Vancouver’s own preparators and art handlers present: GLOVES OFF, an experimental DIY exhibition focused on the artists who build your favourite exhibitions in Vancouver.

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