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The AMS Permanent

Art Collection

On the AMS Permanent Art Collection:


In addition to biweekly exhibitions of student and local art, the Hatch Art Gallery also maintains and displays the AMS Permanent Art Collection, an impressive assortment of Canadian art that provides a cross section of artistic growth and development in Canada since 1945. It is the only student-owned and operated collection in all of Canada. In recent years, overseers of the gallery have been working towards long-term strategic goals to improve the care, maintenance, and visibility of the collection identifying the collection's potential as a pedagogical tool for the student body.


Due to the history of 'casual acquisitions', we do not hold all the proper digital rights to house the collection on our website as an online catalogue yet...but we are working on it! Until then, linked below is a copy of our Catalogue from 2008 as well as recent projects and exhibitions relating to the Permanent Collection for you to learn more!

PDF of 2008 AMS Art Collection Catalogue <-(click me)

*note: This catalogue is not fully up to date with all the most recent acquisitions and deaccessioned works ,as it was created in 2008. However, it is the most recent documentation of the collection as a whole. Special thanks to Aliyah Shamsher, the Art Gallery Commissioner of 2005-2008, for assembling this catalogue. We would not hold the knowledge that we do, pertaining to the collection and its histories, without the arduous labour done by her during her working terms as the Art Gallery Commissioner.

Exhibitions/Projects (LINKS):

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